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184                           LETTERS   FROM   THE

have changed it to Henri, for the other puts me
quite in a fidget.

Whom can it be that you sent ten pounds to,
and that the other (credite posteri /) refused ?

Madame de Beauveau has not been in Paris
since I came, and the Directory do not permit me
to quit it.

Necker has published a history of the Revolu-
tion, in which he praises the King and abuses the
Queen, but by affected omissions leaves much
worse to be surmised than he has said. There
is, as usual, a great deal about moi; such as
this: " II Łtoit question de me nommer, mais le
parti de la reine I'emporta. Si Ton m'avoit
nommfe, aucun des malheurs qui ont deso!6 la
France ne seroient arrives." After that, who can
read another page ? non ego /

I have just had a curious visit from Dr.
Gem. He came to apologize for my not having
been let in when I last called on him, and said
the reason was his having suffered a great loss
from having lately admitted a person, in conse-
quence of which he now receives nobody.

The following is his story. The other day,
his gomernante having gone to market, he opened
the door, and a shabby fellow with a bundle of
papers sat himself down, told him he waited upon